2010 to Present


I record walks through urban space in order to study aspects of human behaviour.

I am interested in using sound and listening as a toolkit to explore a broad range of issues ranging from the sociopolitical to wider questions of perception, revealing and preserving details of modern urban life from the perspective of ordinary people and their concerns.

I have over ten years of recorded history captured from these excursions please contact juliancanbefound@gmail.com to ask for more information

They had ducks but the ducks were not interested in bread

Pizza Hot Fried Chicken
Sunday 26th May 2013

They gave me only £2 million bonus

388 Bus
Near St. Pauls
Saturday 18th May 2013

A girl speaks to a friend about her day at work

Bring your gun and come

Ridley Road Market
Wednesday 1st May 2013

A morning on the market

I was thinking about taking your head as a trophy

A Living Room
Sandringham Road
Friday 29th February 2008

I’ll be honest with you, it is the country to die for

A London Hospital

Go back to fucking Alex if that’s what you want. Go on. Do it.

Mildmay Park
Saturday 18th May 2013

Without any doubts at all

Brick Lane

A couple of girls ruminate about the injustice of banker bonus

I beg you in the name of God if I’ve upset you, I’m very sorry

Petticoat Lane Market
Spitalfields, London E1

They come for us

Gillett Square
Friday 3rd May 2013

Impromptu rhythms in a police-designated trouble area

I’ll text you, I’ll text you

Notting Hill Carnival
Ladbroke Grove
26th August 2008

Coming out the station and entering the perimeter of Notting Hill Carnival

He’s overcome death. It’s lovely really

Whitechapel Station
November 2008

A congregation of religious singers outside Whitechapel station. An elderly lady starts blessing me thinking I couldn’t speak.

The woman said you should have been on housing benefit ten years ago, she lost out that way.

Victoria Park
9 June 2013

Two litter pickers discuss benefits outside Field Day 2013