Psychogeographical Synaesthesia
The V&A Museum, London

Multi-Sensory Experiential Installation and workshop
Un-Built / Deconstructing Architecture Exhibition
London Festival of Architecture 2012
With James Wannerton (President - UK Synaesthesia Association) Andrew Stellitano & Dominic Davies


This project was exhibited at the V&A’s ‘Un-built / Deconstructing Architecture’ event, as part of the 2012 London Festival of Architecture. 

A range of inter-connected sensory experiences involving sound, smell, touch and imagery were created in response to working with auditory - gustatory synaesthete James Wannerton, president of UK Synaesthesia.

An inter-disciplinary project convened by artist and food designer Andrew Stellitano we wanted to use and attempt to map Wannerton’s unique sensory feedback associated with various geographies in London.

Visitors were invited to taste gustatory treats prepared by Stellitano whilst looking at large scale photographs of sites in London and listening to a soundscape derived from a soundwalk I recorded in re-tracing those locations derived from the map.

Being a gustatory synaesthete, for me sound, colour and flavour have always been inextricably linked.

This project was carefully constructed in a way which intimately and accurately took guests inside this sensory ‘mish-mash’, creating an interactive simulation which non-synaesthetes could explore.

I’ve worked on many attempts using differing media to accurately portray the synaesthetic experience and this was the most accurate and certainly best received I have ever been involved with
— James Wannerton, President of the UK Synaesthesia Association.